Kellerstöckl Langberg


The Kellerstöckl on the Langberg in the vineyards around Winten
is our “Herzenskellerstöckl” !

It was built in 1934 by my great-grandfather and has been in family ownership ever since.
The Kellerstöckl am Langberg was used as a clay cellar for wine production and wine storage for decades, before it lost its importance for viticulture through innovations in viticulture and ever more modern wine production sites.
For the last 30 years the Stöckl has been asleep!

Again and again in the last years my companion and I were drawn to this lovely romantic Kellerstöckl and finally we decided to revitalize this small but fine piece of southern Burgenland history.

Thus, the renovation of this charming cellar floor will begin in 2019.
And if everything goes according to plan, it will be available as accommodation for our guests in 2020, combining the original cosiness with modern comfort.

More information to follow – let us surprise you <3